Saturday, December 30, 2017

A Party in 1959 Becomes a Party in 1960

I have two New Year related items for you today.

Almost six months ago, I shared a tape I titled "A Party in 1959", speculating on that date based on the music heard throughout. I have now come across a second tape from what sounds like the same party, and the contents of that tape, and the writing on the box (seen above), make it clear that this was indeed a party in 1959, specifically, a party held on December 31st, 1959, into January 1st, 1960.

And so, here is the remainder of what was recorded of that party, just in time for your own New Year's Eve celebrations. If anything, this is more raucous than the first half of the tape, which I suppose is to be expected as a party moves past the midnight hour, as this recording does just before the ten minute mark.

So listen in, and imagine yourself in your late teens, experiencing the first few minutes of the 1960's, as they happened.

Download: A Party in 1959-60, Part Two


Jumping forward 24 years, here are excerpts from an otherwise stultifying recording of WRCQ's New Year's Eve/New Year's Day broadcast of a syndicated program of big band music (which was followed by the in house presentation of the same genre), which someone recorded for about four hours, on December 31st, 1983, into January 1st, 1984. I have excised almost all of the music, and left portions of two newscasts, which were also on the tape. For some reason, they ended the show at 11 PM, rather than at midnight, with the playing of Auld Lang Syne. and that's where the tape begins. Then there is another edit after the 11 PM news, followed by the lead in to the 1 AM news, and about four minutes of that broadcast. Not the most scintillating item in my collection, but a good tie in for this day before New Year's Eve, 2017.

Download: WRCQ on New Year's Eve, 1983 and New Year's Day, 1984


  1. Hi Bob
    I rtan across your blog by accident and, as so often happens, I am glad i did. i thought i was a rare oddball enjoying hearing recordings of people I don't know. i have reel to reels of various family gatherings over the years, some made before I was born (I'm 56) so it all sounds familiar to me in a way. maybe I can transfer some and send them on for your listening? cheers, bill

  2. Happy new year Bob, and thanks for all your wonderful tape shares!

  3. This is wonderful...thank you, Bob.

  4. Thanks, everyone, for the nice thoughts and compliments! And Bill, I hope you see this - I would love to hear what you'd like to share. I don't like to put my e-mail address out there, as it leads to spam, but you can find it at the end of this post, which I wrote for a project in 2003:


  5. Thanks again, Bob, and a belated Happy 2018 to everyone on this blog!