Monday, July 17, 2017

A Party in 1959

Today, for your dining and dancing pleasure, an hour or so of tape to help you imagine that you are at a party, probably involving mostly young people - although there are certainly adults present, as well - in what I'm guessing was 1959.

The tape is dominated by the records chosen to be played nearly throughout, records which largely come from the mid to late 1950's, with none, as far as I heard, which came from after 1959, hence the date. But there are some other sounds here - conversations, shouts, laughs, etc., to reward those who choose to listen all the way through. (By the way, the loud noise heard at the start ends within the first 30 seconds.)

So sit back, pretend you have a houseful of teenagers, imagine that we have an actual President in Washington (Eisenhower, in this case), and that none of these young people are going to know what hit them, when the next 5-7 years are done with them.

Download: A Party in 1959



  1. That interference sound at the beginning is like the opening of a sci-fi episode...
    Do I hear occasional foreign languages from the partiers? At least very strong accents... At a distance from the mic... New Yakers... Jitterbuggers, drinkers, & Polkas... Cha-Cha Chas, Stompin' dancers.

  2. Robin Luke! Johnny & the Hurricanes! Nat Cole! All that great stuff. Thanks for this!!!

  3. Ah, to be a kid and carefree again. Thanks for provoking fond memories, Bob.