Friday, April 21, 2017

Both Fascinating and Tedious

Well, you may or may not agree with the name I've given to this post, and if you don't, I'm guessing you'll lead towards tedious.

However, I have come across well over a dozen, perhaps even two dozen, tapes just like this one, and I thought, since it seems to have been a genre all to itself, way back when, I'd offer up one of them.

I am reminded of some dear friends of my parents, the parents of my childhood best friend, in fact. Every year, they would go on an exotic vacation, and then upon their return, have a dinner party for their (I dunno, maybe eight) best friend couples, after which they would treat them to over an hour of showing their vacation slides. My parents DREADED these invitations, and found it among the most boring things they had to endure in order to be good friends.

Unknown to me - and probably most of the rest of the world - there were people who not only shared their vacation slides, but made a real production out of it - preparing background music, and recording the narration beforehand, apparently from a written script.

THAT is the genre I refer to, above. And here, for your pleasure, annoyance, bewilderment or just plain boredom, is one of those tapes. In this case, it's for someone's 35 minute trip through slides presenting his/their recent trip through New England.

There really is nothing comparable today. Sure, someone could post 240 cell phone photos from his trip to France onto Facebook, but that person would probably not write an explanation of each one, and certainly wouldn't expect there to be comments made on each one. There wouldn't even be a way to know who, if anyone looked at any, or all, of them.

If you want to hear more of these, let me know. If you don't say you want to hear more, I won't share any more of these.


or not.

Download: Unknown - New England Slide Show Narration


  1. You can hear the beeps, obviously carefully placed to indicate when to click to the next visual slide. I recall these sorts of damn events in grammer school, and the teacher would like to delegate that task of switching slides, to a student, who sooner or later would miss just one beep & the remainder would result in being off, as far as what the narration was explaining. Just adds to the boredom. By the time it would end, the class was completely erupting in a dozen loud conversations & pranks.

  2. Title is spot on. Would love to hear more. Thank you!

  3. Thanks, Bob. This recording reminds me that our world is ever-changing and that we're all getting old. Relics from the past. Like dinosaurs :0
    YES, I would like to hear more of these recordings.
    Thanks again!

  4. I think it's brilliant! Great fun; I'd love to hear more.

  5. This does not surprise me at all. My Dad used to do the very same thing. In fact it was a neighborhood traditon on the Monday of Labor Day weekend that several families would gather in one backyard or another and share each others slide shows or home movies from the Summer. As I recall there was at least one other Dad who did the same thing, i.e. set his movies or slides to music on reel to reel tapes.

    Yes, I still have the slides and yes I think I still have the reels, although they have been in my attic for probably 20 years and may not be in very good shape. Someday...