Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Chicago Cubs Are On the Air - Circa 1953 or 1954

Time is very short this week, but I really want to make a go at getting something worthwhile up here nearly every week. The trade-off will be a much shorter bit of commentary, which I'm sure will break your hearts.

So... .in honor of my beloved Chicago Cubs, who have the best record in baseball over the past few weeks, here is a 33 minute slice of Cubs play-by-play from Mutual's "Game of the Day". The recording quality is awful - it sounds like a short wave broadcast - but I just love this sort of thing, regardless of

Based on the players heard in this game, it appears that this is from either very late 1953 or some time in 1954. Be sure to listen for the announcer commenting calling the other team The Boston Braves, before giving the score, moments later, at the end of an inning, and correctly calling them The Milwaukee Braves, a move that took place before the 1953 season.

At the very end of this tape is a 30 second excerpt from a boxing broadcast, then an even shorter (seven seconds) excerpt from a Dodgers game.

UPDATE: Thanks to a commenter (view the comments, below), it looks like this is the first game of a doubleheader on May 23, 1954. Many thanks for this information!

Download: Circa 1953-54 Chicago Cubs Game

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  1. I've only gotten through the first three innings, but I think this is the game:

    May 23, 1954, first game of a doubleheader.